Virgin XL

Heathrow to Dublin Event

Adam D / 2021-12-30

System Failure at London's Heathrow Airport Forces Passengers to Fly  Without Bags | Condé Nast TravelerDAA to suspend new office plan at Dublin Airport - CEO -

New Event!

DEP: EGLL (Heathrow)
ARR: EIDW (Dublin)

Aircraft Type: Whatever you like!

Date: 31-12-21
Meetup: 1100Z/GMT+0
Wheels up: 1130Z/GMT+0

Flight time: 40-50 minutes

Here are some shots from the event:

Here Adam and Tom were spawned in first.

Here we can see Carman and Rivu joined up shortly after.

109 Airbourne!

Rivu and Adam's Seperation was a bit 'questionable' here.

109 on finals with 007 and 39X lined up behind in sequence.

109, 007 and 39X on stand in Dublin!