Virgin XL

Newark to Southend Event

Adam D / 2021-09-21

Hi all, Our Newark to Southend all Boeing event was without doubt our most sucessful event yet with a whopping 13 pilots in attendance.

We did manage (with some help from Carman) to get a picture of everyone on stand at Southend:

The event was such a success that we intend of having another within weeks. Information can be found on our Discord server and soon to be in a blog post of its own.

A massive thanks to the following people that attended the event:

As you can see our flightboard was rammed full with flights that was fantastic to see!

Here are some of the flights on our map leaving Newark.

Here we can see the stand assignments that had to be given due to the popularity of this event.

Now time for some of your screenshots from the event:

Rivu took this fantastic screenshot of the first few people that landed in Southend.

Rivu also got this one with a 747 and 777 at Southend which is so funny to see!

Here we can see a few more of us on stand with Eddie arriving in a 787

VXL007 and 109 on stand.

Here is Carman in a fantastic Virgin Atlantic livery on the 737

Anish decided he was up for a challenge and took a 747 into Southend

Ossian also wanted a challenge in a 747

Rivu played it safe with a 757 which is the largest rated aircraft for Southend's tiny runway

Lucian was up for a challenge also taking a 777

Jack joined up a little later from Dublin in a 737 Jurassic!

Fred took a 757 for a risk-free flight using FSX also!

Matt, myself and Tom took 767's for a slight challenge!

From the feedback you all really enjoyed the event and the VC was active from 9AM till 11PM that same night it was great to see all you there.

Next up is Southend to the Madeira on the 10th of October see you all there!