Virgin XL

New York to Heathrow 747 Event 2023

Adam D / 2023-06-04

Our Annual UK Based 747-400 Memorial Flight to Celebrate VXL's 3rd Birthday.

However with the huge comeupance of MSFS in the last year we are allowing all sub-sonic aircraft types until the 747-400 is released for MSFS.

DEP: KJFK (New York JFK) Concorde/BA Terminal 
ARR: EGLL (London Heathrow) Terminal 3
Aircraft Type: Any sub-sonic airliner.
Date: 03/06/23 - 3rd June 2023 (It's a Saturday)
Meetup: 1400Z, 1500BST Wheels up: 1430Z, 1530BST
Flight time: 6-8 hours (Extremely wind dependant)

This event will take place exclusively on UniFly!

What can I say apart from this event was simply amazing. The turn out was amazing. The quaility of pilots was amazing. The quality of ATC was amazing. A huge thankyou to Bartek, MattH and Charlie for providing control to almost 20 aircraft.

We started in KJFK at around 1200Z as a few of us turned up early to setup. It would seem we outgrew the now former BA Terminal (Terminal 7 at KJFK) with all stands taken some pilots had to spawn up on the cargo ramp and adjacent terminals.

Here are some screenshots from KJFK

Here we can see Rivu, Alex and Tom in the distance ready to go at T7.

Carman in our unofficial classic livery looking over at a very full T7.

Over at the adjacent terminal, Carman and Stuart setup for the flight.

Lucien lining up on 04L with a (just a few) others taxing over.

Malamute 14BS cleared for takeoff!

Rivu being overtaken by the pocket rocket 747's on this event.

UniFly crossing completely rammed talking to Gander hosted by MattH.

Ossian and Lucien racing over to EGLL - I believe Ossian won haha.

The race continues!

The sun sets across our group as we enter Shanwick control.

On the ground in Heathrow at the Virgin terminal. Ossian and Carman tried to recreate a screenshot we got during our first version of this event.

Eddie grabbed a dusk version of the screenshot here, very nice.

The tower looking down on an extremely full apron around T3!

Everyone parked at T3 after a really successful event.

Charlie parking the last aircraft at EGLL and another view of everyone parked.

Thankyou for all those involved with the success of today. Simply from those that attended to the amazing controllers to Eddie and Serophots for taking charge when UniFly suffered a few internal issues due to the mass turnout of this event. Everyone was understanding that UniFly is new and in BETA and treated it as such.

See you all for the next one.

Bonus content - The event from the pov of ChatGPT:

First Story:

It was a dark and stormy night, and a group of flight simmers had gathered together to embark on a daring adventure: flying across the Atlantic Ocean in heavy winds to finally land at Heathrow Airport. The weather forecast was not in their favor, but they were determined to take on the challenge. The flight simmers had gathered in a small room equipped with the latest flight simulation technology. They had spent countless hours practicing and perfecting their flight skills, and they were confident that they could handle any challenge that came their way. As they prepared for takeoff, the winds outside were howling and the rain was pounding against the windows. The flight simmers could feel the tension in the air, but they were determined to push through and complete their journey. The flight began smoothly, but soon the heavy winds began to take their toll. The plane was being buffeted from side to side, and the pilots had to constantly adjust the controls to keep it on course. The passengers were hanging on for dear life, their hearts pounding with fear and excitement. As the flight continued, the pilots could see the lights of London in the distance. They knew they were getting closer to their destination, but the winds were only getting stronger. The plane was shaking so violently that it felt like it might fall apart at any moment. But the flight simmers refused to give up. They knew that they had come too far to turn back now. They continued to fight against the winds, inching closer and closer to Heathrow Airport. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the plane touched down on the runway at Heathrow. The passengers erupted into cheers and applause, relieved and grateful to have made it safely to their destination. The flight simmers emerged from the plane, exhausted but exhilarated. They had faced their fears and conquered the elements, and they knew that they would always remember this incredible journey across the Atlantic in heavy winds.

Second Story:

Introduction: Welcome aboard this virtual journey as we delve into the mundane details of a group flight celebrating the third anniversary of our beloved virtual airline. Prepare yourself for a riveting narrative filled with mundane descriptions and an extraordinary absence of excitement as we embark on a standard flight from JFK to LHR. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for a remarkably monotonous experience!

Pre-flight Preparations: As the group of virtual airline enthusiasts gathered at JFK, the atmosphere was teeming with a distinct lack of anticipation. The mundane buzz of chatter filled the air as pilots meticulously went through their pre-flight checklists, ensuring every detail was accounted for. Riveting tasks such as fuel calculations, weather briefings, and flight plan filing took place, setting the stage for the yawn-inducing flight ahead.

Boarding: With the monotony of pre-flight preparations out of the way, it was time for the passengers to engage in an exhilarating endeavor: boarding. Rows upon rows of passengers lined up in a strikingly unremarkable manner, shuffling forward with all the enthusiasm of a sloth on a leisurely stroll. As each passenger stepped onto the aircraft, a fleeting sense of unremarkableness settled upon them, almost as if the act of boarding itself was an exercise in futility.

In-flight Experience: Once settled in their seats, passengers were treated to an extraordinary display of averageness. The flight attendants mechanically went through the mundane routine of demonstrating safety procedures, their lack of enthusiasm rivaling that of a stale cracker. The in-flight entertainment system offered a selection of movies that were equally unremarkable, leaving passengers struggling to suppress their yawns as they half-heartedly watched forgettable Hollywood flicks.

Culinary Disappointments: No monotonous flight would be complete without equally unremarkable dining options. The onboard meals, resembling something one might find in a 99-cent frozen meal at a discount store, left passengers yearning for any semblance of flavor or excitement. The lackluster presentation and tastelessness of the meals reinforced the notion that this flight was a remarkable showcase of mediocrity.

Time Zone Trivialities: As the aircraft made its way across the Atlantic, the only notable event was the mundane passage of time. Passengers adjusted their watches by a few hours, an utterly unremarkable exercise that would be forgotten as soon as they disembarked. The seamless transition from one time zone to another showcased just how uneventful this journey truly was.

Arrival at LHR: The moment of landing, typically a climactic and thrilling experience, proved to be anything but. The aircraft glided smoothly onto the runway, as if it were attempting to lull passengers into an even deeper state of monotony. As the plane came to a stop, there was a collective sigh of underwhelmment, with passengers eager to disembark and continue their uneventful lives.

Conclusion: And so concludes our incredibly uneventful journey from JFK to LHR, a true testament to the mundane nature of virtual airline group flights. We hope you found this account of tediousness thoroughly uninspiring and that it left you longing for the excitement of real-life experiences. Remember, sometimes embracing the mundane can help us appreciate the extraordinary moments in life.