Virgin XL


Adam D / 2022-03-20

Hi all,

As some of you are aware our patnership with TFL was in somewhat of a maybe/might happen phase for many months. Well after deliberation at TFL they opted to shutdown their PHPVMS/Smart Cars based VA and we have become the 'official' parntered VA with TFL. This allows us to recruit via their massive server of over 3000 people. Aswell as allowing us access to their ATC and multiplayer facilities. (hence our now merged Dedicated JoinFS Server)

The airline is mostly self sufficient with our 'pilot hub manager' scheme that we pioneered on FSAirlines with other VA's adopting this structure with relative success awell. We offer freedom and a 'sandbox' approach to running our airline which you guys seem to love.

However I am organising a staff shakeup at the moment with new roles opening up. 'Continent Managers' are being introduced with Europe and North America being our first two run by Carman (Our long time manager and livery guru) in Europe and Marc a TFL Admin and VXL MVP heading up North America. Now I know that others will being asking about Africa, East Asia, West Asia, South America and Oceania and yes these roles will be opening up but not just yet if you're interested let me know on Discord.

This will change our Hub Manager hiring process slightly in the future but as of this update its unchanged.

In other news we are now the richest airline on FSAirlines

215 billion (as of 20/03/22)

As far as I can see out of the big top 10 airlines listed on FSAirlines in terms of total value we are #1. In addition we are also the most profitable by a significant margain. At the moment we are averaging a staggering 600-750mil in profit per day! Amazing work guys.

Since our last 'big' update the guidelines were introduced on our Discord server and have to be agreed to upon joining. I can't stress enough how important these are to read.

Especially #9 (We require AT LEAST ONE FLIGHT PER MONTH TO RETAIN YOUR MEMBERSHIP with us. This really isn't a lot to ask considering this short flight could be EGLL-EGCC for example, that takes less than an hour to complete (air time).)

This rule was intoruduced so that we always look active on FSAirlines there is nothing worse when people go searching for an airline and find nothing but dead accounts in there. I try to warn people about this but I am soon going to give up on this practice as its been agreed to upon joining and the process will soon be automated like some of the really big 'exclusive' virtual airlines out there.